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Since 1989, the PROBATE PRACTICE REPORTER has been the only monthly publication in the country discussing current probate and estate planning issues. Courts around the country decide between 50 to 100 probate cases every month, and tax laws concerning estate planning and probate change constantly. Every probate and estate planning professional can benefit from a review of these cases and tax developments. A subscription to the PROBATE PRACTICE REPORTER is the most effective way to stay current on probate matters.

The PROBATE PRACTICE REPORTER combines the practical with the scholarly. The co-editors, Howard Zaritsky, Alan Medlin, and Lad Boyle, contribute both academic and practical experience and insight. The PROBATE PRACTICE REPORTER is thus invaluable both as a research tool and as a practical guide to cutting-edge developments. Each month the PROBATE PRACTICE REPORTER analyzes the most significant probate and tax developments from across the nation and presents them in a well-organized, readable newsletter format, offering workable solutions to problems encountered every day. The insightful analysis keeps current with emerging trends in probate practice, with coverage that can't be found anywhere else. And the PROBATE PRACTICE REPORTER not only discusses what's happening, but it also explains why.

Every month our editors and expert guest authors tackle topics of interest to the probate practitioner. They get below the surface to provide alerts to emerging trends and to demonstrate how to avoid specific problems and liability traps. For probate professionals, a subscription to the PROBATE PRACTICE REPORTER is a valuable insurance policy.

After you've taken a look, give us a try. We've been at it since 1989, and we'd like to have you join us. Just click on the Subscribe button and submit an order, call at (803) 777-7465, or e-mail to It's $295 for 12 monthly issues. Thanks for giving us a try.

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